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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Give us a call or drop on by! For cake orders, we prefer that you come into our studio and speak with our cake artist directly to properly answer your questions and help with designing your cake. However, you can place an order over the phone if your schedule requires.


Our shop is located at 2633 Park Marina Dr., Redding, CA 96001, or you can call us at (530) 222-5270.


All orders MUST be placed either in person or over the phone. We do not take orders via email.

To secure a custom cake order, we require a $100 or 50% deposit. We cannot hold or guarantee a date without a deposit placed. Deposits are typically non-refundable as we are promising that date to you, but with enough advance notice the date may be changed. In the case of a family or medical emergency we will do our best to accommodate so long as the order has not been started yet.



How much do your cakes cost?

Due to the customized nature of our cakes, each order is specially priced according to servings, and design, and can vary greatly. We are experts in finding a size and price that fits the needs of your event and your budget.

Our custom cakes start at our $100 minimum and go up from there depending on size and detail.


To get a price quote, give us a call today!



Is there a minimum order?

Custom cake orders have a minimum of $100, and wedding cakes have a minimum of $200. There is no minimum for standard cupcake orders, and you can get as many flavors as you'd like.


Contact us for more information regarding minimums.



How much notice do you need for an order?

The amount of lead time we need can vary depending upon the particular date and the complexity of the order. Normally, the sooner the better. We usually need at least 4 - 6 weeks for most custom cake orders, but sometimes we book out months in advance for certain dates during peak seasons. However, don't hesitate to call, if there is a way we can possibly squeeze you in, we will! Cupcakes without custom artwork are made daily in our shop, but we do recommend pre-ordering for best availability as they can sell out fast!



How do your cakes taste?

Sure, they look great, but can they possibly taste great too? The answer is YES, they do! We bake all of our cakes to order and with care for a moist and delicious cake every single time. Don't take our word for it, though, come in and try for yourself!



Do you make sugar free, gluten free, or vegan cakes?

Unfortunately we do not offer cakes in sugar free, gluten free, vegan, or any type of allergy-sensitive scenario. Our recipes are very unique and delicate, and do not take well when major ingredients are substituted! We suggest that a separate dessert be purchased for those who cannot have sugar, dairy, or gluten.

Can you replicate other cake designs?

Yes we can! However, we prefer for your cake to be specifically tailored to your and your event, and like to find ways to make each design special in its own way. It's okay to start with a design you've found on the internet, but we will walk you through it and customize it to make it truly your own.



What is the difference between buttercream and fondant?

Our buttercream icing is heavenly, and compliments most any cake flavor very well. It is the best choice for a smooth finish on the cake, and works great for custom artwork and even some 3D designs! Buttercream is best suited for most wedding cakes, birthday cakes, dessert cakes, and some sculpted cakes.

Fondant is a sugary dough that is rolled very thinly and then laid over the already iced cake, and gives the cake a smoothness and texture that is very unique. Fondant finish is best suited for ultra-realistic 3D cakes, wedding cakes, figures, and more!



Do you offer cake tastings?

We offer cake tastings for wedding cakes only. Each cake tasting includes a cupcake of each basic cake flavor, and 15 icings and fillings to complement them. We currently are only offering cake tastings as a to go box that you would take home to try at your leisure.


Cake design consultations are only booked for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as our cake artist is extremely busy on the weekends. Our artist will take time to chat with you about the design and sketch out the options in real time for your approval!


For any tasting there is an upfront $20 charge to book. This cost will, however, be applied to your order if you choose to book with us. Please call ahead to schedule, as there are a limited number of time slots available.


How much cake should I order?

We can provide serving ranges for any size cake, but the final serving amount is up to you, and can change depending on how large your servings are cut. Come see us for more details on servings and serving sizes.



Do you deliver or ship your cakes?

We do not ship cakes, as they are much too fragile and precious! Delivery is available for pre-ordered cakes and cupcakes with a $200 minimum. Delivery fees vary according to trip mileage, and can have limited availability. Same day deliveries are not available, as we do not have delivery staff to accommodate.

Do you host parties?

Unfortunately no, as our storefront is not large enough to support hosted parties. Small groups are welcome, however we can only seat 4 indoor and 8 outdoor, and those tables are not able to be reserved.



Do you teach classes?

We do not currently offer decorating classes, but may be offering them in the future. Check back periodically for updates!



Can I intern, or come watch you decorate?

As fun as that sounds, we work on delicate time schedules, and must give our undivided attention to each order. Let us do the hard work, and you just get to eat it! :)



You guys have been on TV, right?

Why yes we have, thanks for asking! We have appeared on several episodes of Ultimate Cake Off on TLC as assistants, on Food Network's Duff Till Dawn featuring Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes, and most recently have won 1st place on 2 different episodes of Food Network's CAKE WARS!

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